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Packed with features and a great dashboard. What more could you want?

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Zipline has an amazing dashboard

Zipline's dashboard is packed with features, and is designed to be easy to use.
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View your stats

Via the help of charts, graphs, and tables, you can feel awesome while looking at this page!
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View your files in a gallery

View your files and media in a gallery, and do anything you want with them.
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View your shortened URLs

Create shortened links to websites, set a max amount of uses, and more!

Want a list of features?

Heres a list of the best features Zipline has to offer. We continue to look for new stuff to add!

Setup Quickly

Setup your own Zipline instance in minutes.


Configure Zipline to your needs.

Upload any file

Upload images and text to Zipline, with support for syntax highlighting in text files.

URL Shortening

Shorten URLs with Zipline with vanities and maximum views.


Have embeds for your uploads in Discord with OG tags.


Get notified when someone uploads to your instance.

OAuth2 Registration

Allow users to link and/or register with selected OAuth2 providers.


Enable 2FA for your users.


Invite your friends to your instance!

Password Protection

Protect your uploads with a password.

Image Compression

Compress your images to save space.

Theres more!

I didn't feel like listing everything here, so go check out the docs!

Ready to get started?
Setup in seconds

Zipline is designed to be easy to setup via Docker, and is ready to go in seconds.