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A ShareX / file upload server

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Zipline is a file upload server that is easy to use while being packed with features.

The original idea for Zipline was to create a small, fast and easy to use file upload server to use with ShareX. Zipline now has more features, and is being updated with new stuff!

Zipline is currently maintained by me, and can be found on GitHub, feel free to leave a star.


  • Setup quickly with a few commands
  • Most of Zipline can be modified to your liking
  • Image uploading as well as normal files
  • URL Shortening with vanity links and zero-width space URLs
  • Text uploading
  • URL Formats (uuid, dates, random alphanumeric, original name, zws)
  • Discord embeds (OG metadata)
  • Gallery viewer that supports multiple media formats
  • Code highlighting


  • User Invites
  • Fully customizable Discord webhook notifications
  • Password protected uploads
  • Image compression
  • File Chunking (for uploading large files)
  • File/URL deletion once it reaches a view treshold.
  • OAuth 2 registration via Discord/GitHub
  • Two-Factor authentication with Google Authentication, authy, etc (totp services)