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What's Changed

  • Discord webhook notifications (upload and shorten only at the moment)
  • There is a tooltip when hovering over the expire value on the file pop up that shows the entire date
  • Fix the image table on the dashboard
  • The version is now shown again but on the sidebar. It will have a red badge if outdated and when hovering over it, will tell you to update
  • External links, you can configure your own links to show up on the bottom of the sidebar
  • Domain duplication on the manage page is now fixed
  • You can use dates such as 1d to represent 1 day in the Expires-At header field.
  • New scheduler type way to delete invites that are used, its interval can be configured (default 30m).
  • Images that are compressed into jpgs, now have their mimetype and extension changed
  • The expire time is shown in the response returned by /api/upload
  • Expires at time is shown on recent images on the main dashboard page
  • There's a script that will return the raw config, useful for debugging. run scripts:read-config

Full Changelog: