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What's Changed

  • New Icons! Background is lighter, text is a subtle gradient with blue.
  • Invites work when user_registration is false
  • Fixed crash when opening images/files
  • Fixed views being added on /r links
  • Entire API backend is rewritten, and is more uniform
  • DEBUG env var now provides very verbose logs
  • /dashboard/upload -> /dashboard/upload/file
  • /dashboard/text -> /dashboard/upload/text
  • Fixed 3d invites defaulting to like 53 years
  • Large files now have their notification stay on screen, and the last chunk will have a notification saying that it's finalizing.
    • If you are experiencing Zipline crashes during this stage it may be due to not having enough memory to load all the chunks. This may be changed in the future though unfortunately there is not much we can do about it.
  • Progress bar for partial uploads is out of the total chunks
  • CONFIG_FEATURES_INVITES_LENGTH will let you set the randomly generated string length for invites
  • When encountering an oauth error, you will be redirected to a styled page instead of application/json
  • Entire UI now uses the Ubuntu font (in future, maybe custom fonts?)
  • Logs for partial uploads
  • Logout page uses the title you set, even though it may be visible for less than a second
  • List users script, list all users, duh
  • Set user script, set properties on a user
  • Views get counted AFTER the file has been served

Pulls merged

New Contributors

Full Changelog: